Class Summary
BasicTeacher Train a StringDistanceLearner.
Blocker Produces candidate pairs from a MatchData structure, and provides access to those candidate pairs.
Blocker.Pair Holds a pair of instances, with mutable distance between them.
ClusterNGramBlocker TokenBlocker for clustering based on NGram co-occurence.
ClusterTokenBlocker TokenBlocker for clustering.
MatchData Holds data for evaluating a distance metric.
MatchData.Instance A single item (aka record, string, etc) to match against others.
MatchData.MatchIterator Iterates over all stored StringWrappers
MatchDataTeacher Train a StringDistanceLearner using MatchData and a Blocker.
MatchExpt Perform a matching experiment using a data file, distance function and blocker.
MatchExptScript Perform a series of match experiments, specified by a script in an input file.
NGramBlocker Finds all pairs that share a not-too-common character n-gram.
NullBlocker Inefficient exhausitive blocking algorithm.
TokenBlocker Finds all pairs that share a not-too-common token.

Exception Summary
MatchData.InputFormatException Signals an incorrectly formatted MatchData file.