SecondString Project Page

This is the project page for SecondString, an open-source Java-based package of approximate string-matching techniques. This code was developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University from the Center for Automated Learning and Discovery, the Department of Statistics, and the Center for Computer and Communications Security.

SecondString is intended primarily for researchers in information integration and other scientists. It does or will include a range of string-matching methods from a variety of communities, including statistics, artificial intelligence, information retrieval, and databases. It also includes tools for systematically evaluating performance on test data. It is not designed for use on very large data sets.


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The design and implementation of this software was supported in part by National Science Foundation Grant No. EIA-0131884 to the National Institute of Statistical Sciences, and by a contract from the Army Research Office to the Center for Computer and Communications Security with Carnegie Mellon University.

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